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Gourmet Varieties

Snow Oyster


With their stark white color, Snow Oysters are quite stunning. They have a sweet, mild and delicate mushroom flavor. They are a very versatile mushroom, excellent for a wide variety of dishes. They are great sautéed in a stir fry, in an omelet, or on top of a pizza!

Black Pearl

One of our favorite varieties on offer, Black Pearl is a hybrid cross between an oyster mushroom and a king trumpet. They have the soft and tender stem of a king trumpet, with the tender delicious cap of the oyster; the best of both worlds! Black Pearls are beautifully dense, meaty mushrooms with a robust and savory flavor. They are great sauteed on top of a steak or burger. They can also be used in many creative dishes including vegan bacon and vegan scallops.

Lion's Mane

Known for its potent health benefits, Lion's Mane has been receiving quite some interest lately. It has been known to have many neurological benefits, including decreases in anxiety and depression, increased mental alertness and it may help protect the brain against dementia. And the best part is it also happens to be a delicious edible mushroom! Soft, delicate and spongy, these mushrooms are great for anyone interested in making creative dishes. They can be used in vegan crab cakes, as vegan pulled pork, and even as vegan steaks!

Maitake (Hen of the Woods)

Maitake is a truly special mushroom variety. They are known as the "Dancing Mushroom" as foragers who are lucky enough to find the elusive fungus are said to dance for joy. It is also commonly known as "Hen of the Woods", perhaps due to its feathery appearance. It has a very unique deep, earthy and peppery flavor with a lovely meaty texture. They are one of the best mushrooms for sauteeing or roasting and are fantastic in stir fries, vegan "steak" sandwitches and much more!

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